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OCEANIUM was recently featured in Cosmetic & Toiletries magazine. Blue beauty continues to sweep the industry, highlighting the shift towards consumers seeking effective, clean-label ingredients from natural, marine sources for skincare.

“Blue beauty can continue to be a key driver of this market shift that brings together holistic beauty, efficacy and sustainability.” – Karen Scofield Seal, OCEANIUM Co-founder & CEO

Seaweed is a remarkably regenerative, resilient, and nutrient-rich marine algae which has evolved protective and restorative mechanisms to survive against the harsh ocean environment.

Elle Magazine’s recent article – ‘This Is How to Use Seaweed in Your Skin Care Routine’ explores the versatility of seaweed, revealing its specific benefits – from firming and brightening to moisturising and soothing, seaweed and seaweed extracts are hero ingredients for sensitive, acne-prone skin, and rosacea with proven powerful anti-redness properties.

“In skincare, seaweed and algae is quickly becoming a sought-after ingredient…Seaweed is full of minerals, salts, amino acids, and lipids. Because of this, seaweed is a great resource for nutrient-poor skin.” – Elle Magazine

Utilising proprietary green processing methods, OCEANIUM is extracting high-quality marine ingredients from sustainably farmed seaweed for skincare formulations.

OCEANIUM is on a journey to provide efficacious, functional, and clean label ingredients with excellent traceability and provenance, whilst contributing to people health and ocean health. To find out more about our seaweed skincare ingredient, please visit OCEAN ACTIVES® C+

Read the Elle Magazine article here: https://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/a46094286/best-seaweed-skincare-explained/

Read the Cosmetic & Toiletries article here: https://cosmeticsandtoiletries.texterity.com/cosmeticsandtoiletries/library/item/november_december_2023/4145246/

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