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We’re delighted to announce the results of our preliminary ex vivo study which highlights the exciting potential of OCEAN ACTIVES® H+ to deliver gut health benefits by increasing the bacterial biomass and species richness of microbiome which can be associated with an improved immune system, supporting heart health, weight management and preventing and managing diabetes.

These exciting and encouraging preliminary results lay the groundwork for further clinical testing to gather additional evidence to support health claims.

With the support of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, OCEAN ACTIVES® H+ has secured GRAS approval in the US and samples are now available for mission-aligned brands seeking to integrate highly efficacious and more sustainable ingredients into their formulations.

If you’re interested in a sample, please contact us via [email protected]

Read the Nutraceutical Business Review article: https://nutraceuticalbusinessreview.com/news/article_page/Fucoidan_preliminary_results_from_marine_bioactive_show_exciting_potential_to_support_gut_and_heart_health/212515