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We’re so proud to be featured in a great article in The Sunday Times ‘If you want the crop of the future, cry for kelp’. Seaweed has long been recognised as a versatile raw material with multiple uses, from being part of diets as long as 14,000 years ago to innovative products like OCEANIUM’s materials, food and nutraceutical ingredients in the 21st century!

The Times Science Editor Ben Spencer spoke to OCEANIUM founders Karen and Charlie to find out about how we’re using a biorefinery to extract maximum value from farmed seaweed, and our plans to ‘grow a sustainable industry and make seaweed products part of daily life for households across the world’.

The article also drew important attention to the inclusion of a British kelp forest in the Queen’s Canopy Project. As the only underwater forest included in the project, the kelp forest in the Plymouth Sound National Marine Park is a vital ecosystem that provides many benefits for life below sea and needs to be protected and preserved.

OCEANIUM collaborates closely with farmers to sustainably source the highest quality seaweed, predominantly Laminaria saccharina (sugar kelp), a species of brown algae, from regenerative farms in the North Atlantic. OCEANIUM’s proprietary processing technology enables clean and effective extraction of sought-after ingredients for cosmetic and personal care applications, nutrition and food applications, as well as seaweed-based materials for the packaging and textiles markets, which will replace carbon intensive materials.

Read the full article here – https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/if-you-want-the-crop-of-the-future-cry-for-kelp-rwjph3gnq