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Dr. Adrian Macleod, Scottish Assocation for Marine Science www.sams.ac.uk

Dr Adrian Macleod is a marine scientist developing methods and technologies for large scale seaweed cultivation at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban, Scotland. His research focuses on the development of techniques used to cultivate macroalgae and aims to optimise seeding and growing conditions needed for biomass production whilst understanding the environmental interactions of this emerging aquaculture industry. In addition to his research, Adrian currently manages two cultivation sites which provided the facilities for a range of commercial and research led growing trials.

Current research projects include MacroFuels: this project aims to produce advanced biofuels from seaweed or macroalgae. Funded by EU H2020. BIOFEED: novel salmon feed by integrated bioprocessing of non-food biomass. Funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Dr. Charlie Bavington, Oceanium CTO

Dr Charlie Bavington, Ph.D., is a biochemist with over 20 years experience in marine biotechnology research & development, mostly in commercial settings. He has successfully applied for and delivered multiple grant-funded projects (Innovate UK Collaborative and Feasibility Studies, SMART Scotland) and EU (FP 7, Eurostars, & SME Instrument) as a commercial partner. He has experience in academic research and publication, and in contract research, services and quality management. Dr. Bavington works out of a chemistry laboratory at the European Centre for Marine Biotechnology in Oban, Scotland.

Wave Crookes, CEO – SeaGrown seagrown.co.uk

Wave Crookes is an accomplished mariner who cut his teeth as a trawlerman in the North Sea before joining the Royal Navy. He qualified as a Royal Navy Officer of the Watch and gained extensive, high calibre bridge watch keeping experience in a variety of HM ships operating in throughout the world. He is now a founder and Director of SeaGrown, a Company which harvests and cultivates seaweed in the North Sea for food, cosmetic and industrial applications.

Karen Scofield Seal, CEO – Oceanium

Ever since learning about the sustainability super powers of seaweed via the New Plastics Economy, Karen has focused on spreading the good word about seaweed. An enthusiastic advocate for seaweed farming, Karen partnered with Dr. Charlie Bavington to develop sustainable biomaterials from seaweed to replace plastic packaging and Oceanium was launched earlier this year. With over 20 years of business experience in strategic planning, partnership development, brand building, marketing and communications, Karen is passionate about accelerating the development of seaweed based products and seaweed farming.