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Read The New York Times article on the emerging kelp industry in the USA: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/16/style/self-care/why-isnt-kelp-catching-on.html?smid=li-share

We agree! Processing infrastructure is required to grow the industry – that is exactly where Oceanium comes in. Oceanium have developed an innovative biorefinery process specifically for sustainably farmed kelp – outputs include seaweed-based food and nutrition ingredients for plant-based foods and home compostable biopackaging. Our mission is to enable sustainable seaweed farming.

Thank you Bren Smith for continuing to raise awareness of sustainable seaweed benefits.

“Mr. Smith and other longtime proponents of kelp hope that more infrastructure means that kelp might finally have its moment as a popular superfood. More important, Mr. Smith noted, is that investing in kelp is an instrumental part of food sustainability initiatives.”