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Proprietary refinery technology proven at scale! Co-funded by the EU Horizon2020 project, KELP-EU and Horizon Europe SeaMark project.

We’re thrilled to share a momentous achievement at OCEANIUM, marking a significant leap forward in our mission to Kelp the World!

OCEANIUM has successfully processed 79T of sustainably farmed, European seaweed to prove our highly technical, innovative, and green biorefinery process at scale.

OCEANIUM is now producing volumes of our innovative and functional seaweed-based ingredients for food, health, skincare, and materials to meet market demand for clean-label ingredients whist also benefiting people health and ocean health.

The predictable and repeatable results of OCEAN HEALTH® Fiber, a dietary fiber for plant-based meats, breads, and soups, plus the high-purity, marine bioactive OCEAN ACTIVES® Fucoidan for health and skincare has confirmed our successful journey from laboratory-scale to pilot-scale production.

Samples are available for mission-aligned brands seeking to integrate highly efficacious and more sustainable ingredients and components into their products.

Watch this space as we share more news about our innovative and sustainable seaweed products — all extracted through our cutting-edge biorefinery process.

A huge well done to the amazing, dedicated, and hardworking OCEANIUM team! We’re one step closer to our own continuous running biorefinery and unlocking the sustainable seaweed farming industry in the Western hemisphere.