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Cutting-edge research from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) unveils exciting results: OCEAN ACTIVES® C+, a high-purity (>80%) seaweed bioactive, protects sensitive skin by restoring and enhancing its barrier function by an astonishing 400% (increase in K10 expression).

These impressive results add to a roster of other proven benefits, including being clinically proven to reduce redness by up to 96%, reinforcing OCEAN ACTIVES® C+ as a multi-active solution for sensitive skin.

Blue beauty continues to sweep the industry, highlighting the shift towards consumers seeking effective, clean-label ingredients from natural, marine sources for skincare.

For mission-aligned brands committed to harnessing the power of sustainable and natural ingredients in their formulations, OCEANIUM will be exhibiting at in-Cosmetics Global in Paris (16th – 18th  April) and has samples available for testing.

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*Co-funded by the Horizon Europe SeaMark Project.