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OCEAN INK® is the world’s first sustainable and fully biodegradable water-based ink derived from sustainably sourced seaweed.

Unique to the market, OCEAN INK® mitigates water pollution by replacing traditional solvent-based inks in versatile applications for luxury textiles, printing, and packaging.


Key Benefits.


Water-based fully biodegradable ink

Health Benefits

Sustainable alternative for solvent-based inks

Health Benefits

Ink available in gold and black

Health Benefits

Good oil and oxygen barrier properties for screen printing

  • Natural gold colour – Lends itself well to luxury, high-end packaging, replacing the need for foil embossing.

  • High-print quality – Provides vibrant and rich coloured printing with definition.

  • Pigment and binder in one – No need to add binders for applications.

  • Durability – OCEAN INK® can be treated with non-toxic chemicals for durable and long lasting prints.

  • Enables the transition to circular fashion models for garment recycling and upcycling, OCEAN INK® can also be created to wash away after use.


OCEAN INK® can be screen printed for a range of applications for packaging and textiles markets:


  • Retail packaging includes boxes, hang tags, and labelled products.
  • Promotional material – flyers, business cards and posters.
  • Apparel and fabrics – OCEANIUM is testing OCEAN INK® on a range of fabrics and materials.
  • Other printing techniques in development.

Committed to Impactful Products.

Learn about our commitment to sustainability by sourcing from regenerative seaweed farms, our innovative clean label ingredients and proprietary green processing methods.