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Our Impact.

Sustainable Products.

  • Meet the growing demand for sustainable and clean label ingredients by replacing resource intensive products and materials.
  • Our ingredients are sourced from regenerative seaweed farms, ensuring traceability, transparent supply chains, and provenance for consumers.
  • Contribute to the health of our oceans – providing a value-added story for impact-conscious consumers and enabling brands to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Green Processing.

  • Our proprietary green processing technology champions sustainability and we’re working towards utilising recycled waste water.
  • Our cascade biorefinery technology extracts maximum value, embodying our commitment to zero waste.

Benefits of Sustainable Seaweed.


Seaweed is a nutrient-rich food source which will help ensure food security, especially given soil erosion and droughts.


Seaweed farms protect seabeds, increase biodiversity and provide defence against coastal erosion.


Seaweed absorbs excess nitrogen and phosporous which helps reduce ocean eutrophication.


Seaweed farms do not need cleared land – preventing deforestation.


Replaces resource-intensive products meeting market demand for clean label ingredients

Health Benefits

Imporant contribution to improved diets as a source of minerals, vitamins and fiber


No fertiliser or pesticide needed.


Seaweed does not need freshwater, unlike land
based crops.

Create jobs

 Seaweed farming and processing creates jobs along rural coastal communities and throughout the value chain. 


 Seaweed absorbs CO2

Committed to Positive Impact.

We will measure and report our impact against six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal 5
Decent work and growth
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
responsible consumption
Life below water

Impact Reports.

OCEANIUM Launches 2023 Impact Report

OCEANIUM Launches 2023 Impact Report

OCEANIUM’s second annual Impact Report has now been published! We learnt a lot in 2023 as we scaled our processing and refined our innovative, next-gen ingredients and green processing methods. We have also collaborated with partners across the value chain, explored...

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OCEANIUM Launches 2022 Impact Report

OCEANIUM Launches 2022 Impact Report

We have a steadfast commitment to delivering impact within our own business, the wider value chain and for systemic change in food, materials and production systems. We’re in it for the long haul and we have a long-term plan that has identified the relevant UN...

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