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Combining cutting-edge biorefining with green and clean chemistry, we extract every ounce of goodness out of sustainably-farmed seaweed to create high quality products with excellent sustainability credentials and provenance.

Ocean Actives
Oceanium actives

OCEANIUM is developing a range of bioactive nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals with wide ranging health and personal care benefits. Our superior, “green chemistry” extraction process ensures our OCEAN ACTIVES products are the highest in quality, purity and bioactivity. 

Ocean Health
Oceanium Health

Plant-based foods are in high demand for environmental and humanitarian reasons. Consumers and companies are seeking all-natural, high quality, and environmentally-friendly food ingredients with traceable provenance. To meet this demand, OCEANIUM is developing a range of water-soluble nutritional ingredients and supplements including functional fiber and protein.

Ocean Ware
Oceanium Health

 OCEANIUM is in the process of developing all-natural, sustainable bio-based materials to replace carbon-intensive and resource-intensive products that have limited end-of-life solutions. The first iterations of our products will be designed to be disposed of with food waste which will then be composted for soil health or for anaerobic digestion to generate energy. A fully circular life cycle.

We are currently developing a range of prototypes and will share progress here so watch this space!